For the most part the three window and five window Coupe had the same features with the exception of two extra windows and extra space behind the seats for storage. The Three window and five window Coupes were very popular with salesman and fleet buyers because of their size.

The five window Coupe Standard came with an adjustable seat, glove box, drivers side sun visor, dome light and roll down rear window. The rumble seat, cigar lighter, and ashtray were available at extra cost. Originally the five Window came with only two interior trim choices, Thorn Brown Mohair, and Tan Pinstripe with Copra Drab Fine Colonial Grain genuine leather or artificial being added later.

The Deluxe came with all the standard features with the exceptions of a chrome-plated windshield frame, cowl lights, dual horns, tail lamps, two sun visors, cigar lighter, ash tray drivers door arm rest. Similar to the Standard the rumble seat was and added cost. The upholstery options included Rose Beige Mohair, Brown Bedford Cord, Brown Stripe Broadcloth, and Copra Drab Fine Colonial Grain leather trim until May 1934 when it was replaced by Taupe leather.

1934 Price Production Quantities
Standard $ 51,908
Deluxe $556 28,397
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